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About the BE My Own Lawyer Forum

BE My Own Lawyer Forum

Find answers on the BE My Own Lawyer Forum

BE My Own Lawyer is our online community offering lots of information, tools, and training to help the independent-minded person who wants to do things for himself. It’s also a great place to find out more about care and disability issues.

BE My Own Lawyer Forum

The BE My Own Lawyer forum is a friendly place to find expert answers and useful comments. The forum provides a place to air questions, concerns and comments and get help.

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Use the BE My Own Lawyer Forum to get answers to your questions, tips, and suggestions. Join in the discussions and learn from other members’ experiences.

The BE My Own Lawyer Forum has separate sections to post questions about inheritance, trusts, and attorneys/deputies. Any member can post questions in the forum. Replies to questions posted by members will be given on the forum by Rosamund Evans as soon as possible but all members are encouraged to join in the discussions and share their experiences too.

The BE My Own Lawyer Forum is a place where members can share and discuss issues in a supportive and welcoming environment.

But do remember if you’ve got a complex question involving lots of detail the BE My Own Lawyer Forum is probably not suitable and you should consider using one of the other services available such as the Plus and Plus One Members’ email services or requesting a pre-paid telephone consultation.

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What else do you get from joining BE My Own Lawyer?

You’ll also be able to find helpful articles, How-to Guides, document templates and online training.

BE My Own Lawyer makes it easy to find your own legal solutions – no more expensive legal fees or taking time away from family and work to get help.

Be independent, be in control, be safe, be part of a like-minded community – BE My Own Lawyer!




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