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How-to Guides

How-to Guides

How-to Guides cover a range of topics in easy to follow articles with helpful links to other resources.

How-to Find a Missing Will

If a deceased person’s Will is missing it can result in assets being distributed to the wrong people. It could cause other serious legal and financial consequences. Consequently, it is essential that every effort is made to find a Will.

This guide takes you through the steps to follow when searching for a Will.

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How-to Arrange a Funeral

This guide explains the rights and responsibilities involved in arranging a funeral including information on who has the right to the deceased’s body and who is legally responsible for the cost of a funeral. It also looks at who is lawfully entitled to bury a body and where.

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How-to Be an Executor

In this guide we give tips for administering a deceased person’s estate, explaining the initial steps involved. Helpful for anyone who has not previously been an executor of a Will.

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How-to Choose a Care Home

Choosing a residential care home needs careful thought. There have been a number of scandals involving residential facilities over the last few years and the type and quality of care can be variable. This guide covers basic points to check and tips on how to make the right choice.

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How-to Guide to Co-ownership

If you own property jointly with a life partner, other relative or a business associate you need our four part guide to co-ownership.

The law relating to jointly owned property is not straight forward and there are hidden traps for those who don’t know. Our guide breaks the information down into bite-size junks and gives tips and suggestions to help you protect your rights and handle your responsibilities.

Available in four parts, Part One is available absolutely free. Plus and Plus One members of the BE My Own Lawyer community can enjoy all four parts of the Guide to Co-ownership as part of their members’ benefits.

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