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FAQs about our services

Here are some FAQs about our services

1. Why should I use Barker Evans?

See what our clients say about us – read our Testimonials.

2. Can you help me if I’m based in another part of the UK?

We’re based in Nottingham in the East Midlands. If you’re further away our online services may be of use or why not ask for a pre-paid telephone consultation. You can also submit a question to our blog or try our membership resource, BE My Own Lawyer.

3. Are all your services fixed fee?

We have a strong commitment to fixed fee services so in almost all situations we will offer a fixed fee. In the rare situations when it is not possible to offer a fixed fee we provide estimates before we commence any work and provide regular updates on the costs involved.

4. Can I email or telephone you to ask legal questions if I’m not a client?

If you are new to us you are welcome to contact us to enquire about our services. Here are our contact details.

We don’t give detailed legal advice to people who are not our clients. You may submit a question to us through this site and if it is suitable we may be able to offer information and comment on your query through our blog. This is a great way of getting some free legal information but as we get many queries sent to us we can’t guarantee to answer any particular question or provide information within a particular timescale. If you need urgent help call us to arrange a personal consultation or to book a pre-paid telephone advice session.

5. Can you represent me at a mental health tribunal?

No, we do not undertake mental health tribunal work.

6. I can’t see the type of service I need listed on the site?

If you are unable to see the type of service you require please contact us as we may still be able to assist you.

7. Can you give advice on tax?

We advise on inheritance tax as part of our Wills, Trusts, Probate and later life planning services. For other types of  taxation services, we have many accountants, financial advisers and Chartered Tax Advisers amongst our network of contacts. Please ask us for more details.

8. If I change my mind after joining as a member or booking a paid-for event can I get a refund?

We offer refunds in accordance with our refunds policy.

9. Do you advise on matrimonial or children’s law?

We do not undertake work relating to relationship breakdown and children’s law.

10. Do you do conveyancing?

We can assist with property issues such as the transfer of property ownership on death or gifts of property and changing property ownership to tenants in common but we do not offer conveyancing services relating to the sale, purchase or leasing of residential or commercial property. If you need a conveyancing quote our friends at Derwent Law will be happy to help – ask us for details – complete the enquiry form or call us on 0115 7722129.