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We offer specialist legal advice and practical support for age and disability-related issues.

There are many ways in which we can help and our website is full of useful information and resources.

Try browsing through the list of our services below and follow the links to find out more.

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Adult Social Care

– Do you need help about a care assessment or means testing? Click here

– Have you been refused NHS healthcare funding? Click here

– Is there a problem with a residential or nursing home contract? Click here

–  Is a vulnerable person you know being abused financially, psychologically or otherwise?

Court of Protection

– Do the finances of a mentally incapacitated person need to be managed? Click here

– Do you want to apply for a statutory will? Click here

– Are you worried an attorney is failing to act correctly? Click here

Powers of Attorney

– Do you want to make a Power of Attorney? Click here

– Do you want to revoke a Power of Attorney? Click here

– Are banks or social services refusing to accept your registered power of attorney? – Click here

Trusts for Families and Business Owners

– Do you want to create a trust for a disabled child? Click here

– Are you a trustee or a beneficiary of a family trust or business trust? Click here

– Do you want a trust for personal injury compensation? Click here

Wills and Probate

– Do you want to make a will? Click here

– Are you looking for help with probate or administering an estate? Click here

– Is there a problem over a will or inheritance? Click here

– Do you need to claim for financial provision following a death? Click here

Property Ownership

– Do you want help with jointly owned property issues? Click here

– Do you want to make a gift of property? Click here

Asset Protection

-Do you want to protect business or personal assets? Click here

 Workshops, Events and Membership Services

– Do you want to know more about your legal rights? Click here

– Are you looking for events and on-line training? Click here

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