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Court of Protection Services

Court of Protection Services


Applications for Deputyship

We can help you apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed as deputy for a mentally incapacitated person.


Property issues

Deputies need approval from the Court of Protection to buy or sell property on behalf of mentally incapacitated persons. We can assist you to get the authority you need.


Statutory Wills for mentally incapacitated persons

The Court of Protection considers applications for Statutory Wills to be prepared for people without the mental capacity to give instructions for a Will for themselves. We can support you in submitting the right kind of evidence to the court.


Gifts on behalf of mentally incapacitated persons

The authority of the court is required to make large value gifts from the assets of mentally incapable people. The rules are strict. We can help you to present your case for a gift to give you the best chance of success.


Other Court of Protection Services

Court of Protection services for attorneys

The Court of Protection also has authority with regard to Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA) and Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPA). The Office of the Public Guardian refers cases to the Court of Protection where there is reason to believe there may have been wrong-doing or mismanagement by an attorney.

 We can help you if you are an attorney or deputy who is being investigated or if you wish to apply to the Court of Protection for an attorney or Deputy to be removed.


Who uses our Court of Protection Services?

Clients who use our Court of Protection Services include:

  • Attorneys appointed under Lasting or Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Court-appointed Deputies
  • Relatives of adults with dementia or other brain impairment
  • People whose mental capacity has restored or been wrongly assessed
  • Care agencies

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