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Probate Services


We do things differently

We do not charge a percentage of the estate or demand ‘arrangement’ fees, unlike some organisations. We have a range of payment options available if you need to spread the cost. You can find details about our fees and the likely probate expenses below.


Thinking of applying for probate yourself but worried you don’t have all the skills?

Try our fixed fee ‘do-it-yourself’ probate support services. We can help you sort out the technical side of getting a grant of representation, leaving you to get on with administering the estate. 

Our DIY Probate Support Service is suitable for uncomplicated estates where assets are easy to locate and value, there are no missing beneficiaries or potential inheritance claims or disputes to consider, and there is no Inheritance Tax to pay or significant lifetime gifts and no charities involved.

Our DIY Probate Support Service includes completing the PAP1 and IHT 205 based on financial and property information you supply. We check the information, advise you if any other details are required and help you to obtain further information or valuations, where necessary.

We will also supply you with legal information to help you get started with administering the estate.

*Our fixed fee is exclusive of Probate Registry fees and other incidental expenses and taxes.


Need extra support?

If the deceased’s estate is more complex or does not fit into the description above, we offer expanded support to help you obtain a grant of representation through our DIY Advanced Probate Support Service.

Typically a more complex estate may consist of properties, a share portfolio, multiple bank accounts, and valuables. Our DIY Advanced Probate Support Service is for personal representatives who wish to be hands-on in managing the estate administration themselves but want help with some of the more technical aspects involved in obtaining the issue of a grant of probate.

Our DIY Advanced Probate Support Service includes completing IHT 400 and supplemental forms and ensuring all appropriate IHT reliefs and exemptions are claimed; advising on completing the PAP1 based on financial and property information you supply and verify. We can assist you to arrange payment of any inheritance tax due on the deceased’s estate and respond to any questions from either HMRC or the Probate Registry –  from £2750 to £5,750 plus probate fees, disbursements and any taxes*

As part of our fixed fee services we can:

  • Provide you with a dedicated and experienced probate solicitor to advise and assist you;
  • Identify the legally appointed executors or administrators and beneficiaries;
  • Accurately identify the type of probate application you will require;
  • Obtain the relevant documents required to make a probate application (including HM Land Registry office copies);
  • Assist in completing the probate application and the IHT 205 or IHT 400 HMRC forms where relevant.

Information about fees and expenses

There is no additional VAT charge on our fees. There are probate expenses (sometimes referred to as ‘disbursements’) that are likely to be involved in obtaining a grant of probate. These include fees charged by HMCTS (Probate Registry), HM Land Registry, valuers’ fees, Will searches and fees for other items such as death certificates. This list here is an example:

  • death certificates – £11.00
  • HM Land Registry office copies of title – £6.00 per copy
  • HMCTS probate fee – £155 (solicitor’s application)
  • HMCTS office copies of grant – £1.50 per copy

Additional Probate Support

We can also provide support on an individual item basis after the grant has been issued by the Probate Registry.

  • Trustee Act Notice – £170 plus notice publication fees
  • Beneficiary acknowledgment and indemnity – £35 per beneficiary
  • Deed of Assent or Deed of Appropriation – £295 plus search and registration fees

All work is undertaken by a qualified senior solicitor. Read more

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