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Will Writing Services

Wills  – Your Way

Everyone should make a Will. That’s why we’ve designed our Will writing services to suit everyone.

If you should die without making a Will the result for your family could be damaging and distressing.

Here are some reasons why dying without a Will is not a good idea:

  • Statutory rules known as the intestacy rules will dictate who receives your assets
  • Unmarried partners don’t receive anything under the current intestacy rules
  • Following death it is necessary to carry out expensive searches to check there definitely isn’t a Will
  • There are often more delays and extra costs involved in dealing with an estate when there is no Will
  • Family disputes are more likely to arise if there isn’t a Will
  • There could be more tax to pay in some circumstances
  • Children and vulnerable adults in your family could be exposed to unnecessary risks
  • The people entitled to deal with your assets if you die without a Will might be people you don’t trust

Our Will Writing Services Explained

Whether your circumstances are straight forward or complex we have a service for you.

Why do we call our services Wills Your Way?

We call our Will writing services Wills Your Way because that is exactly what we aim to do. We write your Will in the way you want. We offer help and advice at a time and place to suit you.

Our Will writing services provide Wills individually crafted to each client’s wishes. But if you are short of time or prefer to DIY you could try our online Wills available 24/7.

What is involved?

Our no obligation initial consultation helps to explain the options, point out possible pitfalls and suggest solutions to match your wishes. We’ll explain everything in an easy, jargon-free way.

We can arrange for your Will to be registered with the Certainty National Will Register for a small fee and if you wish we can also store your Will free of charge.

How to get started

If you don’t know what sort of things you should include in your Will try downloading our helpful Will questionnaire Download.

The questions take you step-by-step through things we need to know to write your Will.

You can email or post it to us and we’ll respond usually with our fixed fee quotation for the work required to give you the Will that’s just right for you. If we need more details we’ll let you know.

Alternatively, if you want a chat first just give us a call to arrange a face-to-face meeting.

Is it necessary to include a trust in a Will?

Here are some reasons for choosing to include a trust in your Will:

  • To protect family or business assets
  • To provide for young children
  • To protect disabled or vulnerable family members
  • To preserve a share of your assets for children from a previous relationship
  • To control how assets are passed down the generations of the family
  • To prevent beneficiaries from ‘wasting’ their inheritance
  • To provide a gift for the benefit of the wider community

For more information about trusts see our Trust Services

Are Wills Used for Asset Protection Planning?

Wills can be used as part of an asset protection or care planning strategy. Why not ask us for an asset protection audit and find out how you can plan for later life.

Leaving Gifts to Charity

We are supporters of the Remember A Charity campaign and regularly prepare Wills for clients who want to leave something in their Wills for their favourite charities. Each year we help clients to pledge tens of thousands of pounds for good causes and advise them on the best ways to achieve that aim.

It is also possible to reduce Inheritance tax on your estate when you die by leaving a proportion of your assets to charity and at the same time increase the value of your gift to charity, provided that the Will is prepared in the right way. We can explain how that can be achieved in your Will.

Read more about making gifts

Our Will Writing Fees

Our Will writing fees start from £145 .

If you want to find out more about making a Will or any of our other services call us on 0115 7722129.

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