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Solicitors for the Elderly

Solicitors For The Elderly Full Accredited Member






Barker Evans Private Client Law are solicitors for the elderly and vulnerable.

We are a niche law practice specialising in issues affecting older and disabled people, their families and carers.

Rosamund Evans, principal solicitor is a Full Accredited Member of Solicitors For The Elderly (SFE) which means she has undergone a special assessment to be awarded a unique qualification in advising elderly and vulnerable clients and is permitted to use the official Solicitors For The Elderly Accredited Member logo.

To find out more about our specialist services for elderly and vulnerable clients follow the links below.

Asset Protection

NHS Continuing Healthcare

Local Authority Means Testing



Court of Protection

Severing a Joint Tenancy

Disability Trusts

We also offer online support for people who have responsibilities for managing the finances and welfare of vulnerable people such as appointed attorneys, Court of Protection deputies and trustees of disability trusts.

Our online service is known as BE My Own Lawyer and offers helpful guides, document templates and useful articles as well as discounts off other services, all for a small monthly payment.

BE My own Lawyer – helping you to help others.