Are you going to live as long as the residents of Hinton St George?

A widely reported recent study by risk and financial management firm Towers Watson showed the Somerset village of Hinton St George has the highest life expectancy for men in the UK.

Unfortunately, life expectancy is no guarantee of actual life span. You might be within a social group with a life expectancy of 88.7 years, the figure for the men of Hinton St George, but that won’t prevent you from being called to your maker long before you’re an octoganarian.

It’s that uncertainty of life which makes the need to have a will in place from early adulthood so important. A will should travel with us through life, being regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that it properly reflects our current circumstances.

If you don’t make a will and keep it up to date what message does that send out to your family and friends?
Well it could say to them “I don’t care enough to make sure that my family and those people I share my life with are properly looked after when I’ve gone”.

Uncertainty in life can be exciting but only in the right context. By making a will you can choose:
* your executors
* trustees and guardians for your under age children
* who will benefit from your estate
* trust arrangements to protect assets
* what happens to your personal possessions

Don’t leave it to chance. Do it now.

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