Children Need Wills

Parents of young children often find it difficult to find the time to sit down and plan their family’s future and even if they do manage to grab a few moments to take stock, making a will doesn’t always feature on the list of things they consider.

Frankly, no one wants to consider the possibility that they might not survive to see their children grow to adulthood, but it can and unfortunately does happen to some people. Any parent who fails to make a will is failing to ensure the protection of their child’s future and could be leaving their child dangerously exposed to financial and personal risks.

That is why this Autumn Barker Evans Private Client Law is launching its “Children Need Wills” campaign to draw attention to the importance of making a will for young families. Through a network of nurseries and playgroups we are making information available to parents and carers. By coinciding the campaign with Will Aid 2011 which we are also supporting, we are making it easier than ever for parents to protect and provide for their children whilst helping other less fortunate families. For more details call 0800 9788582 or follow the link