Make A Will Month 2015 this October

Make A Will Month 2015

It seems no time at all since the last Make A Will Month campaign in October 2014 and yet here we are again with the new 2015 campaign just starting.

We’ve been supporting Make A Will Month since 2012 and last year helped to raise over £35,000 in pledges and donations for the 10 national charities that benefit from the annual campaign.

The campaign runs during October and this year we’ve decided to set aside three whole days to focus exclusively on the fund-raising effort.

What is Make A Will Month 2015?

The Make A Will Month 2015 campaign is aimed at people of 55 years and older to encourage people to think about putting in place arrangements to protect their loved-ones.

Making a Will is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your family is left safe and secure when you have gone.

Why is professional legal advice important?

Even if your affairs are uncomplicated if you make a Will without the benefit of professional legal advice you could create unnecessary risks for your family.

As a solicitor who has trained and worked in the area of inheritance law for over 27 years, I’ve seen many times the heartbreak that can be caused when people write their own Wills without professional guidance.

I’ve seen many Wills written by individuals and although they probably had a clear idea in their own minds of what they wanted to say, unfortunately, they have not used the correct words or have misunderstood the effect of certain legal terminology. The consequence has been their families and friends have been thrown into turmoil and there’s often been delay and argument over what should be done.

So why take the risk? Under the Make A Will campaign you can have a simple, basic Will drawn up by a professional solicitor. We’ll even come to your home if you have difficulty getting in to see us. There is no charge for making a Will under the scheme, all we ask in return is that you consider leaving a legacy in your Will to one or more of the Make A Will charities. So there’s nothing to pay during your lifetime to the charities unless, of course, you wish to make a donation to them as well.

What if a basic Will isn’t right for your circumstances?

A basic Will might not be appropriate for your particular situation. You might have relationship difficulties or have children from more than one partner; or there could be complications over property ownership or there could be inheritance tax issues that need to be addressed. These things should be properly dealt with in your Will and they go beyond the scope of a basic Will.

If that is the case, you will just pay for the additional work involved in preparing a Will that is just right for your situation and getting the kind of expert advice you need to help you make the right decisions for your family.

Call today to arrange an appointment – don’t delay there are only a limited number of appointments available and they’re going fast!

Telephone Rosamund Evans on 0115 77 22 129 to take the first step to making a Will.

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