The elderly need face-to-face legal advice – more than at any other time

Elderly and vulnerable clients need legal advice as much, if not more than other sectors of society. However, many of the current ways of delivering legal services are not suited to their needs.

In an age when there is great emphasis on social media marketing and delivery of services through the internet elderly and vulnerable members of society are at risk of being marginalised and cut-off from the advice and support they need. Unfortunately, this coincides with an increase in the complexity of health and care legislation, reorganisation of benefits and tax and an increase in the numbers of people with long term health problems or experiencing mental capacity issues within the family.

The method of communication is often key to how well an individual understands the information they receive. Being in unfamiliar surroundings or having to obtain information remotely from a screen or a disembodied voice down a telephone link can be enough to put off an elderly person from even trying to obtain the help they need.

Big business is now moving in on the legal services sector, seeking to extend the grip it has on the consumer but experience has often shown that the involvement of the corporate sector might bring prices down (for a while) but can lead to the individual feeling very small and the service very remote.

What’s the answer?
Well one solution is to look to the niche specialist solicitor-led legal practice. A solicitor whose entire business focus is on the elderly and vulnerable and who has specialist qualifications from organisations such as STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) and Solicitors For The Elderly should be a first port of call for advice on all elderly and disability matters.

A solicitor who has experience in face-to-face contact with clients and will visit their clients at home so the discussion takes place in familiar surrounds, will be able to provide that key features – good communication and personal service.

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