Telephone Consultation – Who Are You Going to Call?

Telephone legal adviceIf you’re looking for advice via a telephone consultation who do you choose?

It’s not hard to find organisations offering phone-based free advice services and they might be quite useful if you have a quick query that’s not too complex or specialised but what if your question needs a more in-depth legal opinion? And who exactly is on the other end of that phone line anyway?

More than likely it won’t be a fully qualified solicitor. It may be someone whose knowledge and experience of the issues you’re calling about is limited.

But if you haven’t the time to get in to a solicitors’ office or you’re worried about hourly rates or you just want to know what options you might have, what can you do?

Making legal advice more accessible

That’s why at Barker Evans Private Client Law we came up with an alternative solution – pre-arranged fixed fee telephone consultations with a qualified legal expert.

At first we weren’t sure if it was something that would catch on so we’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover that it’s a service that does seem to appeal.

How does it work?

It’s simple to arrange. You contact us through our website with a request for a telephone consultation. Give us some dates and times that would be convenient and we’ll confirm the consultation details. You then just make sure you’ve paid the agreed fee for the consultation prior to the call taking place and away you go – a personal consultation with an experienced professional lawyer ready to answer your questions and offer sensible, practical advice and information over the telephone.

What is the cost?

The normal charge for a pre-arranged telephone consultation is £95 for a 30 minute session. However, we are going to be offering a special discount to start the New Year.

If you book during January 2016 you can secure a half-hour telephone consultation for just £50 – accessible, affordable legal support in the comfort of your own home or the convenience of your place of work.

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